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Projesium Blockchain Training Courses 

Projesium offers an intense and comprehensive learning opportunity for decision-makers including both C-level and mid-level managers. The Projesium Training courses on Blockchain cover specialist topics such as real world use cases for varying industries, the state of the technology, the positioning of big actors in the industry, regulations and strategy. These events usually line up several expert speakers over a few days of seminar, for a very limited number of attendees in an interactive set-up. We can also tailor the content of the seminar based on your industry’s specific needs.

Projesium can also conduct an in-house study of the areas where blockchain could be a threat or an opportunity for your company, producing a documented report on our findings.

Some businesses prefer us to provide an 'ideation' workshop to guide the decision maker teams find the right ideas for short- to mid-term plans.

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