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Whitepapers have been an information-exchange tool for many years for companies that value R&D. However, with the evolution of the Blockchain Technology, to be more specific, after Ethereum's founder Vitalik Buterin wrote the whitepaper explaining why and how Ethereum platform will change the way Blockchain is perceived and the way people can contribute, the name 'whitepaper' has been ever more popular.

These days, in order for a start-up to be involved in an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), there needs to be a well-written whitepaper explaining in detail the following topics:

  • the problem addressed
  • the high-level solution
  • the differentiator factors of the solution proposed and the business model
  • the technical details of the solution
  • the cryptocurrency (also called coin or token) introduced within the proposed system
  • the type and utilisation of cryptocurrency within the business model

At Projesium, we have experts with strong academic background with technical articles published in international conferences and journals. We are happy to support you in your journey to write your whitepaper that explains your proposed system in the best way possible.

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