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Project Management

EU Projects foster collaboration, increase knowledge pool and promote advancements in technology and capacity to manage the technology. At Projesium, we follow EU Projects closely and get involved in relevant EU Projects as a partner, consultant or an active participant.

The founders of Projesium have managed numerious projects in Geneva, London, Dubai and Turkey in many sectors including software, logistics, shipping, financial services, civil sector and in entrepreneurship ecosystem.  The nature of the projects handled vary from completely technical projects to lean, agile, process setup/optimisation projects. 

Our project managers at Projesium utilise the relevant tools and methods outlined in Pmbok of PMI which is a reputable international project management standard as well as Lean Six Sigma tools and methods where relevant.

For each project, we share with you:

  • the Project Charter
  • the Action Plan
  • the Timeline which we promise to adhere to
  • weekly/bi-weekly reports about the progress

Additionally, we setup a Visual Management System for you to be able to keep track of the progress of your project visually and compare against the targets.

Your projects are in good hands at Projesium.

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