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EU Project Proposal

EU Projects foster collaboration, increase knowledge pool and promote advancements in technology and capacity to manage the technology. At Projesium, we follow EU Projects closely and get involved in relevant EU Projects as a partner, consultant or an active participant.

EU project proposals and full application process requires a rigourous work in order to produce a consistent and complete application for a potential project.For the initial application, the evidence about the current state of the matter as well as the targets of the relevant bodies do matter significantly. The applicant needs to show that

  • there is indeed a pain in an area in the scope of the call
  • addressing that pain will improve the lives of the target audience
  • the solution proposed is realistic, measurable, impactful and sustainable
  • the targets of the proposed project are inline with the relevant authorities locally and in the EU.

Justification of all of the above requires concentrated research and excellent writing skills to demonstrate the value, contribution and relevance of the proposal to the announced project call.

In Projesium, our experts can support you in turning your idea into a well-established project proposal. 

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