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The 8th Projesium Blockchain Meet & Greet was held on the 18th of November at Co-Zone

The 8th Projesium Blockchain Meet & Greet was held on the 18th of November at Co-Zone in METU Information Innovation Centre. Eser Sevim, co-founder and Business Development Manager at Further Network was Projesium’s guest this time and shared their journey at Further Network with us. 

Further Network is a technology startup and they target the travel and transportation market. Their main difference from traditional solutions for airlines is that they build a blockchain based platform to enable P2P transactions involved in data management, transaction settlement and payment between agents, airlines and their industrial business partners. 

Eser Sevim talked about how they established Further Network, their value hypothesis and how they plan to grow. He also explained their Smart Travel Record (STR) system, which is a smart token holding key data about travel.This is essentially a smart contract between the traveler and the airlines. 

At the end of the presentation, Eser Sevim talked about the future plans in 2020. They will launch Passenger Wallet with Biometric ID to be used in transactions in the second quarter of 2020 

The event have welcomed many guests and addressed their questions in the subject. 

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