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Projesium hosted Elçin Karatay and CryptoEstate at the Blockchain Meet&Greet at Co-Zone

The last Blockchain Meet & Greet before the summer break was held on July the 2nd. Elçin Karatay, Managing Partner in Solak&Partners Law Firm, and Mustafa Bolkan, Co-founder of CryptoEstate, were our guests at this event.

At the first part of the event, Attorney Elçin Karatay talked briefly about Blockchain technologies and its immutability characteristics which may bring up questions about GDPR. She also mentioned about the lack of legal arrangements and regulations for the Blockchain start-up projects. In particular, she shared her opinion about whether smart contracts are legally-recognised contracts or not, which is one of the most important applications that blockchain technology introduces. She also talked about the difficulties that may arise in terms of liability, proof obligation and annulment in smart contracts implementation. In addition, one of the most controversial issues in the Blockchain systems is the deletion of personal data which can be asked by individuals as part of their GDPR rights, however, the Blockchain systems do not allow deletions by nature.  She presented examples from the current law on data protection. At the end of the her presentation, she answered the questions about the income tax due to earnings from cryptocurrencies and mining.

In the second part of the event, Mustafa Vehbi Bolkan,Co-founder of Cryptoestate, gave a presentation about their crypto project. He talked about why he is involved in this sector, his perspective on entrepreneurship and the rise of technology companies in recent years. CryptoEstate is explained as a virtual land purchase and sale project in the digital world shown on a real world map. Bihter Koçak, Co-founder and Senior Developer of CryptoEstate, answered technical questions about the CryptoEstate project.

At the end of the event, there was a raffle for survey-responders. 3 people who filled out Projesium's survey about Cryptocurrency trading wons Bluetooth speakers.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the last event of this summer. We hope to see you in September.

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