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Gökce Phillips Made a Speech At PMI Event

Gökce Phillips,co-founder of Projesium,made a presentation about Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies at PMI event on March 19.

PMI Turkey organizes activities about professional development every month.This month,Gokce Phillips was invited by PMI Turkey.In this event,she talked about blockchain and Crypto Coins.She explained why blockchain is so important and permanent.She also show that how blockchain can be used in different sectors.So she told us about using blockchain technology for data protection and storage in the health sector.

In addition,she showed us which areas Crypto Coins can be used and how they will affect our business models.End of the speech,she also explained what is the mining in cryptocurrencies industry

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İbrahim Kiçeci

İbrahim Kiçeci

İbrahim Kiçeci,


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