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Blockchain Meet & Greet VII

Blockchain Meet & Greet VII was held on the 11th of November at Co-Zone in METU Information Innovation Centre. Dr. Murat Osmanoğlu was Projesium’s guest for Blockchain Meet & Greet VII.

Dr. Murat Osmanoğlu, an active Blockchain Researcher in Ankara University, delivered a presentation about "Yield Estimation System in Blockchain Based Agriculture. He stated that the price fluctuation in agricultural products which affects negatively market actors. He said that his findings showed that the most important reason in this price fluctuation is uncertainty in yield estimation.

His proposed project provides a platform to farmers where they can enter their expected yield. He stated that his would not only help government to have a better strategy for the pricing of the underlying product, but also to setup the right support mechanism for the farmers.

His research continues to find out a better oracle for the system he proposes.

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